Artistic Statement

More often than not, I like to let intuition guide my compositional processes. As a child I was heavily involved in sports and various other athletic activities that emphasized intuition and instinct over contemplative thought, and such an upbringing has had a heavy influence on the way my mind works and creates as an adult. I often pull inspiration from a variety of sources ranging from composers—such as Charles Ives, Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky, and Philip Glass—to sounds I hear in the outside world—such as traffic and the subtle sounds heard in a quiet environment—to my theoretical training to create my music in a way that, though intuitive, is musically and artistically satisfying. As a result, I often compose music that has rich textures and a unique harmonic language.

I have composed for a variety of acoustic ensembles and fixed media. I am most interested in, however, exploring the many avenues for artistic expression through ensembles of a more traditional make-up—e.g. piano trios, wind ensembles, string quartets, etc. In my experiences, I have always found that these ensembles are the most satisfying for the music I compose, likely due to the dynamic range and the contrast—or lack thereof—in the quality of timbre throughout the ensemble. That being said, I do not limit myself to such avenues, as I am always open and eager to explore new and more experimental ensemble combinations as an effort to find the one that can best convey any one of my compositional ideas. This exploration often leads me to compose electronically, which is a medium of which I’ve more recently grown very fond.

I am eager to continue exploring and developing my voice as a composer so that I may be able to advance my compositional processes and proceed to further innovate different ways to approach and create music—most namely through story. I have always found the narrative structure(s) most satisfying emotionally and, because of this, I strive to incorporate elements from it that I feel most greatly contribute to this emotional satisfaction and adapt those to my own music in ways that are surprising and unexpected though still leave a certain sense of satiety in the audience. In the end, this narrative thought when processed through my naturally intuitive compositional drive creates music that is uniquely driving, dramatic, and theatrical.
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