Solo Piano



Somatic is a dance

that's meant to engage

our bodies' natural inclination toward,

not only movement and pleasure,

but intuition and wisdom. 

Somatic | 2021

Cello Quartet -- Featured in the "highSCORE" music festival, 2021


These hallowed streets,

they taste bittersweet

of concrete and pious meats.

And what screams!

They stir the Earth,

that which breathes beneath my feet.

These Hallowed Streets | 2021

String Quartet


I’m the most comfortable

surrounded by
people I have no intention of

talking to.

A Traditional Folk Hymn for an Urban

Imposter | 2020



it really do be like that sometimes,

though I don’t always think it be like it is...

but it do,

so I’m gonna have to.

An American melancholy and the sacred denouement of everything I Hold Dear | 2020

Solo Piano


I'm a patriot

Concord: The Star-Spangled Banner | 2016

Brass Choir -- For The New Millennium Brass Ensemble


I’ve sometimes wondered…

I’ve wondered, maybe, what it’s like

to be elsewhere. To be not here, I guess—

Alive, alone, in a place that’s… alien…

Not a pleasant thought, I confess—

Celestial Bodies | 2015

Bassoon Quartet -- For Julie Feves


Bits and--

No, parts...



This I kn--

I mean...

I think.

Fractured | 2015

String Quartet -- For Mark Mezies and The Formalist Quartet


There’ s a curious life there—in the city—
that instills a primal, but naïve sense of hesitant wonder.

Spheres of metropolis | 2015

Woodwind Quartet -- Featured in the "HEAR NOW" Music Festival, 2017


From up here, there’ s something uniquely beautiful about it— this planet, I mean.
It seems so. . . peaceful. . . calm. . . and silent.
From up here, not bound by the surface—free, I mean— everything seems so. . .


The Surface | 2015

Baritone Voice and Piano


Upon my deathbed, I struggle to remember
the lies and the truths—the love and the hate.
I struggle to remember anything—everything—

at all...  

Memories | 2014