Xavier Muzik was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, though he later moved to Los Angeles, California. He was raised an athlete, physically and mentally (from which training he heavily draws upon in his compositional process), but was always a composer at heart.

Although he began composing in middle school, it wasn’t until he composed It’s Only the Beginning, a wind ensemble piece, which was featured in his high school graduation commencement ceremony, that his own unique artistic voice began to develop. Since then, Xavier has gone on to study at The California Institute of the Arts, from which he is earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Composition, and composed a variety of pieces that include animation scores, fixed media works, and concert music of varying ensembles. During his residency he was commissioned to compose a string quartet for The Formalist Quartet, which was premiered February 29th, 2016 in the Wild Beast Hall at CalArts.

Upon the commencement of his post-high school career, Xavier was awarded the Major Achievement in Creativity Scholarship and the CalArts Scholarship to assist in his study at The California Institute of the Arts. Since his residency began, Xavier has been recruited to write numerous pieces that include, but aren’t limited to, six animation scores, a guitar duet, a bassoon quartet, a woodwind quartet, a brass ensemble piece, and a 5 movement string quartet. Through these works, Xavier honed in on the aspects of his music that make his works exciting and unique. He developed an ear for well-placed dissonances and consonances, and driving rhythms that give his work a rich, harmonic texture through his graduation in 2016.

Since Graduation, Xavier’s woodwind quartet, The Surface, was chosen as an official selection of HearNow 2017.
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