Xavier Muzik is a composer out of Los Angeles, currently based in New York. He is pursuing his Master's Degree in Music Composition from The Mannes School of Music at The New School, where he studies with Jessie Montgomery. Xavier is also seeking a minor in Creative Community Development to empower communities of historically oppressed people to sustainably engage with the world through art and music on their terms divorced from classically racist, male, and elitists structures.

Xavier's music is vivid, dynamic, sometimes heart-wrenching, but ultimately compelling. He creates music that seeks to engage the body's wisdom through calling upon the conceptual framework for music creation pioneered and cherished by his family, community, and ancestors. As a Black man of mixed racial heritage, Xavier struggles with his relationship to his racial identity and how it intersects with his privilege and oppression. Both music and community engagement have enabled him to explore this relationship and define his racial identity on his terms. With this in mind, Xavier worked as an organizer on political campaigns and a substitute teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District. This experience has granted Xavier a broadened perspective of modern America by engaging countless people of many different backgrounds. Music, on the other hand, affords Xavier a uniquely personal outlet to explore his racial identity. Through music, Xavier engages with the quality of his Blackness rather than the quantity: a metric America historically uses to define its racial caste system.